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  • The past year was a profile year for the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce as all social media accounts grew in followers (From LinkedIn to Facebook to Instagram to Twitter) creating more opportunities and exposure for our members: 

    • 25% increase in our Social Media Reach, so now each post we create is being seen by over 12,900 people!
    • 57% increase in Social Media Followers, with 37 new followers by October 8 already! 
    • 5.1k engagement for each post on average, this includes video watches, link clicks etc.
    • Gala live video in September had 500 people watching it live and now has had more than 15,000 views!

    With COVID-19 changing the way many of us do business, the Beaumont Chamber made it a priority to get the quickly changing updates on funding and other supports available to businesses through social media as well as our COVID-19 Resources web page, that includes our collaborative OpeninBeaumont Campaign. Openinbeaumont is the 2nd most popular page where we feature local businesses and we created a 5 steps to business relaunch document that featured key information on how to develop your operational plan, hazard assessments, workplace strategy, communication resources, physical distancing guidelines, sector specific guidelines and a list of local PPE suppliers.

    Our website had an average of 23,000 visits per month from June-July with more than a million visits in September.  Our Chamber has an 80% Retention Rate, and we saw a 10% increase in membership with 24 new members since July 2019. Thank you to our 143 members for supporting the work of your Chamber.  We have 23 Value added benefits & affinity programs designed to save you money, connect with clients and attract employees. 

    The Chamber’s influence in policy development continued through the policy resolution process. One Policy Resolution, Transparent Utility Costs and Fees for Rate Payers, authored by your Beaumont Chamber was approved at the provincial level of the Chamber Network.  

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