Sign up for Chamber Market and be entered into a draw to win $400.

    • Sign up for Chamber Market under the Beaumont Chamber https://chambermarket.ca/Signup
    • Complete the online Bambora account form to allow you to collect payment. You can use the the promo code SHOP LOCAL to waive the application fee
    • You must have at least 2 products loaded onto Chamber Market approved and ready to sell
    • Contest deadline is Friday, February 25
  • Beaumont Chamber of Commerce Shop Local Federal Grant Approval.

    The Beaumont Chamber of Commerce has recently been approved to receive a federal grant in order to fund a shop local campaign in Beaumont. With these funds the Beaumont Chamber will create awareness for businesses in Beaumont while also working with them to create a stronger online presence. So now we are looking for local businesses to take advantage of the shop local campaign and leverage our initiatives free of charge! Contact the chamber today for more information and instructions on how to sign your business up.

    How Will it be Used to Help Your Business?

    Video Campaigns

    Beaumont is filled with unique businesses and touching stories, its these businesses and stories that give Beaumont the energy and personality which it has become associated with. We want to capture these enthralling stories and unique businesses and share them with everyone. With this grant the Beaumont chamber will capture and promote these stories and businesses by creating a series of shop local campaign videos and other digital content for local businesses and sharing them across different media channels. The purpose of the videos and other content is to allow for local businesses to share their stories while also creating awareness for their products and services on a digital medium. The videos will be advertised on Beaumont TV as well as on the City of Beaumont's and the BCC's social platforms. Professional videographers and photographers will be provided by the BCC and there will be no costs incurred by the business. These videos are open to all Beaumont business's as long as resources permit. 

    Chamber Market

    Each unique local product and service provider is a piece of Beaumont's story and we want to make sure that these products are seen by and accessible to as many people as possible. In order to raise awareness of these local products and services the Chamber has partnered with Chamber Market to create an online marketplace for  businesses to market and sell their products and services locally, through a digital medium. This marketplace serves as an online platform where local businesses can promote and sell their products and services alongside other local vendors, making it easier for local consumers to see, purchase, and bundle goods locally, thus incentivizing shopping local. Not only does this allow businesses to engage in a virtual farmers market, it provides them with access to industry leading shipping services. These shipping services will coordinate with the business to arrange a weekly pickup date at a specified location, giving businesses owners the time to focus on growing their business instead of making constant shipping runs. Businesses who wish to take advantage of chamber market will have a professional photographer, provided by the BCC take photos of their goods for marketplace listings. The Chamber will then take those photos and work with the business to create high quality, informative product listings on the Chamber Market marketplace. All with no cost to the business. Chamber market is not exclusive to Beaumont Chamber members, all Beaumont businesses are free to signup.

    Photography/ Postcard ad campaign

    The Chamber is also looking to create a one page photo ad with all participating local businesses. This ad serves to highlight the participating businesses, displaying their unique talents and highlighting how they fit into our one of a kind community. The exposure will help the businesses convey their unique qualities to local customers and develop awareness within the community. Along side this we will carry out a post card campaign which will see local products and their accompanying business highlighted on a post card and distributed throughout the city. Here at the Chamber we realize quality is a crucial part of content, for this reason professional photographers will be provided by the Chamber to carry out the photoshoots for the participating businesses. Again, with no costs incurred by the business.


    For more information or details on how to sign up please contact us through email at info@beaumontchamber.ca or by phone at 780-850-8492.

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