• BCC Committees

  • Made up of Chamber members, our BCC Committees come together to discuss and develop strategies to support business growth in Beaumont.  We are currently looking for members to represent a broad cross section of local and regional stakeholders on our committees who will help to contribute to a strong economic environment in Beaumont. Please complete the application and indicate the committee(s) you are interested in joining. To be eligible, you must be a member in good standing with the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce. Complete the application and submit to info@beaumontchamber.ca to apply for any of the BCC Committees.

  • Small Business Advisory Committee Small Business Advisory Committee

    The Small Business Advisory Committee comes together to provide feedback and advice to ensure that the business climate in Beaumont is conducive to the support of new and existing small businesses in a dynamic economy. This committee maintains a diverse membership representing a broad cross-section of local and regional stakeholders.

    Chair: BCC Director of Business Development
    Comprised of: Members in good standing
    Meeting Frequency: Quarterly

    To provide the Chamber with focused feedback;
    • to safeguard small businesses long-term competitiveness and the retention of private-sector jobs.
    • on professional priorities at the municipal level on behalf of our network’s diverse members 
    • from a small business perspective relating to the growth and success of small businesses
    • on facilitation of economic development opportunities for local and regional businesses, and to encourage investment in the City of Beaumont and region
    • on the coordination of professional development initiatives and opportunities for businesses to receive guidance on various subjects
    • to support the growth and retention of young professionals in the region
  • Nominating & Governance Committee Nominating & Governance Committee

    Chair: BCC Past President
    Comprised of: Directors & Members in good standing
    Meeting Frequency: Annually in prep for AGM and as Required to fill vacant positions

    • Work within the bylaws and policies to prepare for the Board Elections at the AGM or during the year to fill an interim position.
    • Prepare and present a list of potential new Directors to the board and membership including preparing nomination criteria, slate of nominees and ballots
    • Appoint scrutineers for the election (when needed)
    • Report the results of the election and declare the results of the election
  • Policy Committee Policy Committee

    Policy Committees come together to discuss positions on issues affecting business and to connect volunteers and members to key decision-makers on vital issues such as the economy, taxation, labor, social reform, and healthcare. Once the Chamber approves an issue as an advocacy topic and once policy positions are established, they are submitted to the appropriate levels of government to vocalize member concerns and influence the impact of government decisions on business. 

    Chair: BCC Policy Chair
    Comprised of: Directors & Members in good standing
    Meeting Frequency: Monthly & As needed

    To provide the Chamber with focused feedback;

    • to monitor government initiatives of interest to Chamber members, surveys and inform members of the impact of such initiatives and provide feedback on responses to the government on behalf of our business community
    • on the opportunities to constructively influence public policy to support a healthy private enterprise system
    • to support the Chambers position and profile as the leading advocate for Beaumont business
    • on opportunities for the Chamber to develop policy submissions that can be brought forward at a provincial level to the Alberta Chambers of Commerce AGM or federally to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce AGM


    Sub-Committees Examples:

    • 2021 Municipal Budget Review/Finance & Taxation Committee
    • Municipal Red Tape Reduction Committee
    • Signage Bylaw/Zoning Review Committee
  • BCC Bylaw & Policy Taskforce BCC Bylaw & Policy Taskforce

    Chair: BCC Director
    Comprised of: Directors & Members in good standing
    Meeting Frequency: As needed to prep for AGM & 1x mid year.

    To provide the Chamber with focused feedback;

    • on the BCC bylaws through an annual review in preparation for voting at the AGM
    • on recommend revisions as necessary
    • to ensure the bylaws and policies are consistent with one another
    • to ensure the bylaws are consistent with the Chambers mandate
    • to ensure compliance and that the Board of Directors are following the bylaws
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