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    The Beaumont Chamber of Commerce is committed to being the voice for business in Beaumont, and we want to hear from you on ways that we can support your business to grow.  Each year the Beaumont Chamber has the unique opportunity to submit policies for consideration and potential approval to both the Alberta Chambers of Commerce and Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Contact us directly at info@beaumontchamber.ca, we want to hear from you!  

    Help influence policy with the Alberta Government and stay up to date on the efforts of the ACC by joining the Alberta Perspectives Hub.

    Current Advocacy:

  • Municipal Red Tape Municipal Red Tape

    In October 2020, the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce, with the Alberta Chamber of Commerce, conducted a survey to Beaumont Businesses on Municipal Red Tape and Business Supports to determine the challenges that businesses are facing that make it difficult to either grow or succeed.  We shared Beaumont business results of this survey with Beaumont Mayor, Council and Administration and on December 3, 2020 and we held a Municipal Red Tape Roundtable with Mayor and Council to discuss these results.  We are now working to collaborate with the City of Beaumont to remove the barriers that many businesses face.

    Interested in contributing to these efforts? The Beaumont Chamber is always looking for valuable members with unique situations. We encourage you to share the barriers you have faced so we can be your voice as we advocate on your behalf.  Email us at info@beaumontchamber.ca. 

    Municipal Red Tape and Business Supports Survey Results

    Municipal Red Tape Round Table Recording

    Municipal Budget Review and Commercial Taxation Municipal Budget Review and Commercial Taxation

    After being contacted by many Beaumont Businesses regarding concerns over non-residential taxation increases over the past 3 years, the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce created a Municipal Budget and Taxation Committee to focus on taxation and fiscal issues affecting the local business community.  The Beaumont Chamber presented the committee's findings to Beaumont Council on November 24th where we recommended that:

    • the City of Beaumont focuses on attracting the right kind of businesses, such as large business and chains, to maintain small tax increases; and
    • the City of Beaumont develop an exit strategy for when a business closes so the City can use that data to develop a business retention strategy. We also recommend that the data be made available to the Chamber as we support the local economic growth; and
    • we understand and support the need to develop a taxation policy on revenue split that would govern the amount of revenue the City of Beaumont would like to collect in residential tax vs non-residential tax. Because of the impact a taxation policy will have on our business community, the Beaumont Chamber requests that they be included in and consulted with on the development of a taxation policy. 

    2021 Municipal Budget Recommendations

    November 24, 2020 Council Presentation

    The City of Beaumont considered our presentation, and it was further discussed at 
    Council Budget Deliberations on November 26, 2020.  The City also conducted a survey to gather the public's input on the economic future of Beaumont and we look forward to receiving the results of this survey. 

    Since our presentation the Council, we have been provided information on the number of closures in Beaumont over the past 2 years, 
    we have been assured that the City is taking steps to evolve their retention efforts and that the City's CRM is being updated to allow for new reporting and analysis on business closures. We look forward to receiving this data and collaborating with the City of Beaumont on a business retention strategy. 

    Signage, Zoning & Bylaws Signage, Zoning & Bylaws

    Through our Municipal Red Tape Survey, we identified that a major barrier to businesses is signage, which falls into the area of bylaws and zoning.  After being contacted by many Beaumont businesses on differing issues related to Signage, the Chamber has decided to investigate this further and we hope to collaborate with the City on solutions that will remove these barriers. All signage regulations and permit information for signage within the Beaumont City limits, can be found on the City of Beaumont's Our Zoning Blueprint webpage.

    If you are facing any barriers or issues related to signage, zoning or bylaws, please email us at

    50th Avenue Streetscape 50th Avenue Streetscape

    The Beaumont Chamber was contacted by businesses located along 50th Avenue over concerns of the disruption to their business should the 50th Avenue Streetscape project move forward.  On June 19, 2020 the Beaumont Chamber shared these concerns with the City of Beaumont along with a request that if Phase III of the 50th Avenue Streetscape project is approved in the 2021 Budget, that the City of Beaumont with support from the Beaumont Chamber, bring all affected parties back to the table so that the impacts are understood and alternatives fully researched.


    50th Avenue Streetscape Phase III Letter to the City - June 19, 2020

    Re-open Businesses Re-open Businesses

    The Beaumont Chamber along with chambers across Alberta support the ACC's call to the Alberta government to re-open businesses in a safe way. 

    Policy Committee

    Policy Committees come together to discuss positions on issues affecting business. Once policy positions are established they are submitted to the appropriate levels of government in order to vocalize member concerns and influence the impact of government decisions on business.  If you are interested in joining the BCC Policy Committee complete the application here.

    Chair: BCC Policy Chair
    Comprised of: Directors & Members in good standing
    Meeting Frequency: Monthly & As needed

    • Connects volunteers and members to key issues and decision-makers on vital issues such as the economy, taxation, labor, social reform and healthcare
    • Monitors government initiatives of interest to Chamber members, surveys and informs members of the impact of such initiatives, and formulates responses to the government on behalf of our business community.
    • Provides opportunity to constructively influence public policy to support a healthy private enterprise system
    • Maintain the Chambers position and profile as the leading advocate for Beaumont business
    • Identify opportunities for the Chamber to develop policy submissions that can be brought forward at a provincial level to the Alberta Chambers of Commerce AGM or federally to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce AGM


    • 2021 Municipal Budget Review/Finance & Taxation Committee
    • Municipal Red Tape Reduction Committee
    • Signage Bylaw/Zoning Review Committee
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