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  • From innovative SME's (small and medium sized enterprise's) to established multi-national corporations and industry associations, the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce is committed to working with our members to improve business competitiveness across all sectors.​ The Chamber strives to bring value to its membership through its role as an advocate for Businesses within Beaumont, Alberta and by offering programs and events tailored to the member's needs and growth. 

    The Beaumont Chamber of Commerce is Beaumont, Alberta's business advocate. 

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  • To engage, support & advocate for the Beaumont business community


  • Since 2014, we have grown serve over 130 Beaumont Businesses with more than 900 employees.  The Beaumont Chamber of Commerce has seen a lot of growth specifically in the past 18 months, as we have grown in membership, board members, staff member FTE and are working towards better meeting our members needs, increasing our advocacy efforts and having a greater presence in the community. In the past 18 months, our membership has increased by 25%. With this growth, we are on track to reaching our goal of 175 members by December 2020.  

    Partnerships are of the utmost importance to the BCC, as these relationships allow us to collaborate with all levels of the region to ensure interests are represented at a global level.  In 2018 we added a liaison seat on our Board for the city of Beaumont Council, Leduc County Council and a Chamber Benefits liaison. Our board members hold seats on several City committees and Regional Boards to ensure the voice of our business community are heard. We hold a seat at the Greater Edmonton Regional Chambers of Commerce Board, the Business Advisory Council, the RCMP Community Advisory Committee and BNI Marquis. One of our board members attends the Policy Committee sessions and reports to the board any relevant information. 

    In 2018, we started our Beaumont Business walks with his Worship, Beaumont Mayor Stewart, and Director of Economic Development, Rob Mackin to connect with local businesses and identify key issues.  We have advocated for changes to Beaumont’s Signage bylaws to better meet the needs of the Business community and have advocated on behalf of our members regarding changing bylaws that effect their business.

    Annually we host approximately 15 events that are tailored to meet our members needs and growth.  The T4X Speaker Series and Workshops feature our local business community as presenters, allowing them to showcase their skills and network with local consumers and businesses. Through partnerships, such as those with Albera Labour, we are able to offer many free or low cost events.  The T4X Speaker Series Highlighted important topics such as OH&S, WBC, Employee Standards, Bill 30, Marketing, Cannabis in the Workplace and Market Volatility.  Our workshop may may include such topics as Leveraging LinkedIn, Building your Brand Image and Strategic Marketing.

    The BCC Awards Gala was an exquisite event, that brings together over 150 influential businesses and civic leaders to recognize and celebrate companies and entrepreneurs for their "above and beyond" achievements.  The nomination process is community driven with winners selected by a nomination committee comprised of local business associations. This Gala raises funds for the BCC-RCMP Outstanding Youth Conduct Awards, as we celebrate our past, present and future.

    For the past five years, the BCC and the Beaumont RCMP detachment have partnered to co-sponsor the RCMP -BCC Outstanding Youth Conduct Award, that is based on the RCMP Pillars and funded by the BCC.  In 2019 this award was presented to 6 students from grades 7, 10 & 12, with the grade 12 student receiving a $1000 scholarship towards their education or a business proposal.

    The BCC has worked to improve our relationships with several business groups around our region and we plan to increase our collaboration by joining forces on policy round-tables, committees, and having liaisons on each other’s boards.  As the largest Business Organization in Beaumont, with ample resources and connections regionally, provincially and nationally, we have a lot to offer the Beaumont Business Community.  

    Now is the time to come together to support one another, expand our resources, attract new investment and collectively guide business development and growth in Beaumont. 

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    Affordable coworking and office spaces in downtown Beaumont. Come visit the Chamber and get a tour of this fresh professional space!


  • We look forward to seeing you at our new office location at Seeds

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