• 50st North Highway Signage

  • Highway 814 - 50th Street North of Beaumont

    The Beaumont Chamber of Commerce has entered into an agreement with the town to administer the Highway Signage North of Beaumont on Highway 810 or better known as 50th Street.  As part of the agreement the following conditions must be met before an application will be approved.

    Eligibility :

    • The applicant business must have a store front within Beaumont
    • The applicant must maintain a valid Town of Beaumont Business license
    • All signs will be supplied by Alberta Traffic Supply and installed by the Town of Beaumont
    • Non Chamber Members will be assessed a $100 application fee upon approval
    • Applications will be processed on a first come basis

    Fee Structure:

    The Fee Structure will  be set and reviewed annually by the Chamber of Commerce. All fees are non-refundable and covers one year from the date of installation. 

    Year: 2019-2020

    • The fees have been set at $650.00 annually. (Full amount is due upon approval, prior to the sign being ordered or installed)
    • Alberta Traffic Supply - Sign Cost: $185.00 (Sign Creation Cost - One Time)
    • Non Member Application Fee: $100.00 (Due upon Approval)


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